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Incorporating a Business in Nevada
If you would like to incorporate in Nevada, you are not alone. Nevada is a business-friendly state, and many businesses choose to form an LLC in Nevada, as well as other corporate business structures. When it comes time to finding help concerning how to incorporate, business owners turn to trustworthy online incorporation services, whose purpose is to get your business set up as a corporation in any state you wish. When it comes time to incorporate, Nevada is the first choice of many for several good reasons.

As a small business, such as a Nevada limited liability company, you will be pleased to hear that a single person may hold the positions of all the corporate offices of company president, secretary and treasurer, if you wish. You may, however, choose to bring on other shareholders and members, if that is a better business decision for your specific company.

Many businesses choose to incorporate in Nevada because of liability issues. Persons owning corporations do not run the risk of having their personal assets lost if the company is sued. One of the advantages to incorporating in Nevada is that this state has gotten rid of what is called "joint and several liabilities." Normally, if a corporation gets sued, you and all of your shareholders are equally responsible, no matter how much each person might have had to do with actually causing the damage. This is not the case in Nevada, where each defendant is required to pay a share of the total penalty that is equal to his or her actual responsibility for the damage. The court assigns the percentage of liability in these instances.

In Nevada, the filing fees for incorporating in Nevada are much lower than those in other states, which can run into several hundred dollars depending on the particular state in question. If you choose to form an LLC in Nevada, you will receive the same protections as a corporate entity would, another impressive advantage to a Nevada limited liability company.

If your business is physically operated and located in Nevada, and if your employees are legal residents of the state of Nevada, you will enjoy other benefits. One big one is that there is no state income tax that your business will need to pay. Another benefit to Nevada business owners is that Nevada does not exchange information with the Internal Revenue Service. Again, this applies only to Nevada-based businesses with resident of Nevada employees.

It can make sense to incorporate in Nevada if you are a small business owner. To be sure if Nevada incorporation is a smart move for you and your company, you will want to contact an accountant or tax adviser, or a lawyer, but this can be a costly option. Many business owners turn to online services, who have knowledge of each state's requirements for incorporation, and can handle the paperwork for you so that your business is properly incorporated in any state you wish.

About the author:

Businesses who want to incorporate in Nevada are the specialty of Wayne Hemrick. As a specialist he leads owners through the process of how to incorporate business in Nevada. Wayne has worked with many small businesses in forming an LLC in Nevada.

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